Laurie McDonald, STSW Hero


Laurie McDonald, LCSW, CCTSW has been a transplant social worker for almost 13 years.  According to Laurie "I have worked with every solid organ group at one time or another, but I've worked with heart and lung transplant patients the whole time.  Of course, VAD patients became a part of that mix years ago.  I'm about to transition out of working with heart transplant and VAD patients.  I'm happy to report that my student from last year has joined me as a colleague this year and she is taking over the cardiac patients.  I will be staying with my lung transplant patients and will embrace once again working with living donors, as a social worker and an independent donor advocate."

Laurie was encouraged to join STSW by her predecessor, and joined soon after starting to work in this field.  "That first year I decided not to attend the annual conference.  I didn't think I knew enough yet to make it worthwhile.  I now know that was a poor decision.  It would have really eased my transition into the field to get to know this awesome group of social workers a year earlier.  But I haven't missed a single conference since!" 

What is Laurie's favorite resource?  Her colleagues.  "We have such breadth of experience.  I love learning from fellow social workers at conferences, through collaborative STSW projects, and via the forum.  My association with STSW continues to stretch me professionally."  

Kudos to Laurie, our STSW Hero!